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for all your voicetesting needs

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Name:For all your voicetesting needs.
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For all your voicetesting needs.

Qualified as: testing out a new character OR calling out an old character.

Voicetest is a comm dedicated to voicetesting characters under a specified setting or structure without breaking the fourth wall. Think [community profile] dear_player, only instead of your characters talking to you, they're talking to other characters instead. There are some basic settings in place to choose from - survival, generic horror, space, fantasy - but they're mostly guides. The point is to get your guy/girl/(apt descriptor) out, test the waters, and have fun.

1 — Understand, accept, and uphold that IC ≠ OOC. Characters are not their players.
2 — Don't harass a player, for any reason. You'll just get banned if you do. If a player is harassing you, report them to the mods on this post.
3 — Use the tags. They exist to make things easy for everyone involved, so please use them.
4 — Warn for triggering/nsfw material in your post's subject line. Warning for spoilers is optional.
5 — Keep the general purpose of this comm (voicetesting!) in mind. Please do not treat this as a PSL, or make posts closed to only a few characters. All posts should be open and everyone should be free to tag into them.


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