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The idea of [community profile] voicetest is to provide all roleplayers a space to voicetest their muses in a similar style as to that of games, i.e. without breaking the fourth wall. Think [community profile] dear_mun and [community profile] dear_player only the character is not addressing you, but rather other characters.

To this end, you can write up VOICE, VIDEO, TEXT or ACTION posts. While you do not need to, you're welcome to consider one of a variety of settings that your character finds himself in.

To give you an example, whereas your muse might address you, the player, on [community profile] dear_mun / [community profile] dear_player saying that they don't want you to put them in a space game because they're afraid of flying, here, they might make a network post complaining about how much they really hate space. Other characters can then react as though they, too, were in space. Everyone profits.

Details under cut. )

Details under cut. )
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(Wash lowers his head. He can't over get what the soldier said, even though he's supposed to be relaxing, now.)

Why does the Director want me alive?

I know he'll want to "debrief" me personally, but he should've been happy to see me dead.

((Sorry if I made any mistakes, I'm new to DW rp.))
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(situation: stuck in a generic fantasy mmo.)
(prose or brackets)

Two things are on her mind as she noiselessly strides between shallow pools in a cave system. Firstly, the white blazer she has on makes quite the statement but it's no lab coat. Last but not least, here somewhere are robots fighting giants and she isn't resting until she finds one.

It isn't quite pitch dark.

Preoccupied, Nakamura edges her way forward against the cave wall, which is rough and pitted with ice. She stops when she almost walks into something. Ice protrudes from the wall like icicles jammed in with force, and she can see the "icicles" spiral up into the darkness, wrapped around a column? She lightly grabs one, and it's ice, but ice encasing iron.

Is she looking at a way up? Did she stumble on an abandoned watch post? She pauses breathlessly, on the verge of springing ... somewhere.

Alright, she'll go. Maybe there's something.

(situation: closer to canon.)
(prose or brackets)

She's running.

Maybe in circles -- it isn't like she has satellite imagery to look at! She can't confirm her position. She isn't one of those giant mechs in Aldnoah Zero, she's a science teacher running as fast as she can -- on foot! Away from an unidentified flying object of her own creation. The remote of which is in her hands, quite useless.

She fights the tall grass, which parts with such ease for her pursuer. To think that a homing device, designed to return the craft to its controller, would be so effective!
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Michiru huffed as she swam the length of the lap over and over. There was something about swimming away from home. The indoor pool they had installed at the house was lovely and it was always fun to have Hotaru splash around the shallow end but sometimes, Michiru needed a break from their happy home life.

The water was cold and it felt wonderful against her skin. It was here where she could feel the call of the ocean almost as easily if she were actually in the jeweled waters. She turned and began a backstroke, as she looked to the ceiling.

Sometimes she had memories of their old lives, back in the Silver Millennium. She wondered if she genuinely had a large swimming pool. She was surprised that all of Neptune hadn't been underwater.

She began to feel the strain on her shoulders and arms and began to pull herself up on the ladder.
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"I think I might quite like to take a holiday. Go the sea maybe, get a tan. Have you ever been to Italy?" The bartender shook his head. It wouldn't have mattered if the man did; the well spoken Englishmen in the tailored patterned suit of deep purplish-blue wouldn't have wanted to hear it. "Ah," he tsked with a shake of his head. "Shame. I hear they've got great parties. Last til dawn. And the women?"

He sucked in an appreciative breath through his teeth and shook his head once in wonder before taking a shallow drink. "I wonder if I shouldn't just.. take a tour of the country. See some new scenery. Bit too dirty around these parts for me nowdays. No one has the same self respect anymore. Disgusting, don't you think so?"

The bartender was still staring at him, compelled and rooted to the spot. "Yes." The glass in his hands being wiped clean had been clean ten minutes beforehand but Kilgrave wanted the company. He didn't seem to mind the repetitive movements; in all actuality, he found them.. quaint. Like he might be in a movie or something.
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[ no i swear the communicator turned on by itself also this shitpile space station sure looks familiar ]

Oh my gawd.
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SETTING ONE: Prose or Brackets

Ah, Victorian London. The Thames, the clock tower, the palace. The crowded dirty cobblestone streets, the ever-present pall of coal smoke belched from trains and factories and steamers, the curling fog around the lamplights in the darkness. There are handsome gardens and lush concert halls waiting for the wealthy and privileged, private rail carriages and cut crystal on white tablecloths, but for the poor and the working class there are crowded boarding houses, dark alleyways, and the echoing footsteps of someone following you in the roughest parts of town where they'll never find your body.

Perhaps this is your first time here, and you're staring about in awe or disgust. Or perhaps this is all old news to you. Perhaps you, like everyone else, are about your daily business hailing a hansom cab or perusing shops or solving mysteries. Perhaps you don't even notice the whip slender, shabbily dressed little man until you've bumped into him, or until he's come alongside you trying to pass by, or has accidentally started for your cab. In a city of first appearances he's not much to look at: sickly pale like someone recently ill, five foot, and so thin as to look almost a youth, unfashionably short cropped red hair and patches on his jacket.

The edge of a cheap cotton glove pokes awkwardly from a pocket. He's wearing the other one, cradling his left forearm close to his body to obscure the sight of it for the same reason the glove had been hastily stuffed away - both are entirely covered in blood, his left arm soaked to the elbow.

Whether it's his blood or someone else's is anyone's guess.

Perhaps this meeting is in the dead of night, when no legitimate person has any business on the streets, in which case another detail might make itself alarmingly known to you as he materializes out of the fog. The man's unnaturally dilated pupils are ringed in gold, and faintly glowing.


SETTING TWO: Brackets, Text, Video or Voice

[ Oh my stars and garters, it's a jamjar. Is it a space station? A magic castle? An island governed by capricious gods demanding sexual sacrifice? Whatever it is, it's bloody irritating, and justiciars aren't allowed vacations. ]

Excuse me.

[ The voice that raps out is lit with annoyance, the owner clearly clinging to a veneer of courtesy by his teeth, which are clenched tight beneath pressed lips. ]

I don't have time for this. I'm expected - and I will be missed, if I don't turn up. I won't be kept here, understand.


SETTING THREE: choose ur own adventure!
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How can you even say that? It's not even a matter of arguing SEMANTICS. Anyone with a remedial understanding of the physiology or biology of the digestive system could make the leap it's essentially controlled acid reflux. It's like if the dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park had even been remotely accurate except on an enormous scale. The corrosive capabilities of the Kaiju's acid are accelerated dramatically. We're talking a pH in the NEGATIVES. It's like Gastric acid on steroids which makes it extremely deadly and effective. AND pretty bad ass. Like, seriously.

Besides the Kaiju wouldn't be the first creature to employ projectile bodily fluids as an offense or defense. We should be glad they're not shooting blood out of their eyes!!

ACTUALLY. That would also be kind of cool.


[ Newt can eat a lot of things--a lot of things that don't necessarily belong to him, which is part of the reason why he's bothered to wander off base at all. It just happened that all of his things were gone or had started to perform an experiment of Darwinism on their own in the shared refrigerator in the lab, so some of his colleague's things had looked more appetizing. (This is, of course, not long after the conversation turned argument turned begrudging agreement that not all refrigerating devices are acceptable for storing things not meant for human consumption. But isn't easier to replace a Hoagie than it does vital organ tissue? Whatever.)

The point is a brain that works as hard as his needs something a little more than the same rations day in and day out. His mind needs variety and excitement in forms of puzzles, problems, and proteins, although he's feeling more like the quick burst of carbohydrates. Which he knows shouldn't come in the form of a Twinkie, but damn if he can't choose the way he dies.

Of course, as if all contractors had the same idea--or perhaps there's just one really skinny guy out there picking up all the lucrative convenience store and gas station deals--the aisles are cramped, over-packed, and not the easiest to navigate. Newt grabs the slow death that high-fructose corn syrup provides and takes a step back and onto something that isn't the floor. ]

--Oh sh--...sorry!
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For whatever reason, you find yourself stepping into this room through that door you just opened. It doesn't make sense, most likely, as you were surely going from somewhere to...well, anywhere that wasn't this particular room, but before you can connect the dots the door has softly closed behind you. The room is nice; everything in it seems to be geared to cause as little impact as possible, with its muted, yet comfortable tones, shapes that are soft yet secure and a soft, continuous instrumental song that plays on the background but that seems to disappear if you're not paying attention. Even the smell is nice, reminiscent of nothing concrete, yet slightly sweet and inviting at the same time. The room seems soundproofed too, as no other sound seems to come from behind you; no cars nor planes or whatever was going on the other side of that door.

Maybe now you'll notice the woman.

In your defense, she's standing by the far end of the studio (because this is what the place seems to be), currently busying herself with a coffee maker. She's dressed in tones similar to the room, although the colors are more vibrant and they certainly don't look like an uniform even though she seems to obviously work here. With her back partly pointed towards you, most of her face remains hidden by a wealth of black silky hair, although judging by her hands and what little is visible she's rather pale, yet not incredibly so.

"Now, this is interesting."

Without turning around, the woman takes a tentative sip from the just prepared cup, savors it for a moment and then adds some sugar. "I had been notified that I wouldn't have a four o'clock; you would think such news would mean I could finally get some rest, but no ten minutes afterwards and I'm already bored to death." She turns around, looking at you with a small smile on her face; now she's perfectly visible, those eerie shiny blue eyes offering a stark contrast with her skin. "Coffee? If we're doing this, I would rather know you're fully comfortable"

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Setting: Somewhere in rural Japan


As Kanako walks back towards the gate to Gensokyo (she cannot fly freely here in the outside world anymore, not with such a lack of faith), she wonders whether the laptop she is carrying in her arms is invisible to possible onlookers along with her, or whether the machine appears to be floating in midair. Kanako has come to terms with her invisibility in this world a long time ago, so the wistful pang that the thought of it brings her is mild and bearable; after all, she and her shrine have long since abandoned the world of humans for the world of youkai, and gods such as her can only be seen by those who believe. One door opens, another closes. Such is life.

Already anticipating the reactions of the kappa to her offering, Kanako strides along with a wry smile. She doesn't even consider that she might be watched - after all, who in this land could see her now?

((um hi everyone I'm a new guy, if I'm doing something wrong let me know! this wouldn't let me tag canon: touhou for some reason))

((also this is the last thing I'm doing before going to bed, so I won't respond right away))
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The library is...impressive. Not like her own, the Great Library, carved into a mountain and full of hidden passages (and deadly creatures). Still, it's full of books she has never seen. None of them have magic in them, but all the new information she was finding made it up for it in spades. Lirael had never read about the things she was reading now, and such as her curiosity she could very well ignore the fact she had found herself on a weird place, most likely away from the Glacier. Or maybe she entered a room that had another library inside? It could happen.

Noises blur out, people blur out. It's just her and the books. She likes it that way; silent, neat, ordered. If she focuses on it she can spend a little longer in here without freaking out.

Not freaking out is very important.
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There is a 24-hour diner. A diner that serves a variety of normal treats from coffee to cream puffs to pastrami sandwiches. The waitresses, the cooks, the owner have all lived normal lives and serve normal people.

Today there is a Man in the diner. A Man that you only heard about in rumors. A Man heard of in joking tones, but with eyes that said they were deadly serious. Some call him a manipulator. Some call him a mentor. Some call him an angel. Some call him a devil.

He is The Man sitting in the booth at the end of the diner.

He appears to spend his time writing down things in a large, black, leather-bound notebook. He orders whatever seems to suit his fancy at any given moment, but his attention remains on the book.

He's waiting for you. Waiting to make a deal to help get you what you want. All you have to do is sit down... and ask for it.
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She shouldn't feel bad about it, but she did anyway. She was a member of Department 0, so she assumed she could be trusted with things, but her superior hadn't let her see the body. Normally Mayu would be glad about it—it wasn't like she wants to see a dead body—but she hadn't even been allowed to check if the injuries were magically-induced. It wouldn't even take that long, and she'd only see the body for a second. On top of that, she'd been sent away without being given anything to do, leaving Mayu to walk dejectedly back to the police station, clutching her phone just in case someone from the department changed their mind.

She'd been with the department for months already... it was time for something to change. It isn't like she's asking for heavy assignments or anything, but lately, she hadn't done very much that was useful. She had to prove herself....

That was what she was thinking when suddenly, a gigantic billboard fell down in front of her. "Huh? Wha—?"
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[[Minor spoilers all the way from Ch2/S2/Vol2 and is set sometime after the anime's finale.]]

Setting: A forest in between towns, in the middle of the night

Alba awakens to the memory of Ross' (... or should it be Creasion's?) disappearance.
It was all crisp and clear to him still; the way the sun beat down on them, the way the wind picked up bits of sand and got it into his mouth whenever he so much as opened it, and that smile... oh god, that smile. It was the first time Alba's ever seen the soldier give him something so pure and genuine, and whenever his mind returned to it, Alba's chest began to ache.
He rubbed his tired eyes; it's still a long ways away until sunrise, the fire he had set up continuing to dance brilliantly in front of him. This was becoming a problem, these nightmares that plagued him. Granted, they weren't anything serious, but if he continued to have sleepless nights like this, he was gonna end up being monster fodder.
"If I could, just one more time..." He murmured, staring into the flames for a moment before pulling his blanket closer; closing his eyes as the night's bitter chill nipped at his nose. He needed to sleep if he wanted to make it to the city by nightfall the next day, but with his head bustling about like this there was no way he was going to fall asleep anytime soon.
Suddenly, he heard a rustling in the distance. Huh. The fire should be keeping the monsters and animals away. Could it be one of the twelve demons? He swallowed, shoving his blanket to the side as he quietly picked his sword up.
"... H... Hello?" He spoke into the darkness, knees trembling.
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Setting: Spooky Forest?

It had felt like hours since she'd been separated from anyone friendly. It had grown dark, but she didn't feel uncomfortable in that darkness. She had Artemis on hand if anything with a dark enough presence found it's way to her. All she could see in front of her were the trees and feel the crunch of dirt and leaves under her shoes. Had she circled this bunch of trees already? It was hard to tell the darker it got out, even if her sight was perfectly fine. All the trees were starting to look the same as she tried to still her panic and stay focused on leaving.

"I'm not lost... I just went the wrong way!" She says a loud to herself, fist clenched in front of her as she tries her best to feel more confident in herself. Closing her eyes, she takes a breath and lets her vampire senses expand a little more. She wanted to be able to hear or smell anything that might lead her back out again. What she hadn't wanted to hear was the sound of someone or something else walking near by in the woods. The crunch of leaves gave them away, naturally.

"Who's there?" Her voice is like the crack of a whip, her posture and stance shifting to be at the ready.

Closed // Rating for Smut in the comments

Yuuki felt warm all over, though that could be due to the blankets wrapped around the two of them. Sighing, she moves closer to the source of the warmth so close to her touch, snuggling into him. Distantly it registers that they're both still very much unclothed but that didn't seem to matter right now. He was here and she would make sure he didn't leave any time soon. Almost as if to prove as much, her arm rests loosely around him, fingers splayed across his back. She was tempted to wake him by calling his name, instead she snuggles into him with her face pressed against his chest, humming her contentment being the only sound made out of her.

He smelled like blood and a smell that was only his. She knew he'd shed a lot of blood with his hands, but the only blood that matted was his. Of course thinking all about blood served only to make her thirst apparent and unconsciously she clings to him more tightly while trying to ignore it. No, let him sleep and maybe have happier dreams for once.


Jun. 30th, 2014 07:47 pm
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(This post will contain (and be set in) spoilers for Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. Due to said spoilers, I'm putting the post content behind a cut. Some potential for blood and violence and creeping will occur here, as a forewarning.)

Woo spoilers. )
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[A: a village in the middle of nowhere, Japan]
[For whatever reason, you're in Azaka Village, a peaceful place with a large museum devoted to its history that nobody ever seems to go to. And for whatever reason - curiosity, losing track of time, an inability to play by the rules - you're exploring the museum after closing hours.

It doesn't take long before you realize that there is somebody in the museum with you, and now you're face to face with him. A man in all black, with a bright, gleaming sword has cornered you in one of the rooms. He advances upon you, holding the sword with one hand and with the other...

...pulling out a paper memo and pushing it in your face.]

The museum is closed

[B: slice of life jamjar]
[You've been sorted into a family with this guy who communicates with you largely by post-it notes and organizes and cleans things as a hobby. Since he's university age, he's been sorted as the father of the household.

So, as the father, he's going to try to fulfill his duties and cook something.

You wake up to the smell of burnt something. It's not clear what it was that was burnt, even if you go have a look at him glowering at the stove. There was food, and then it burnt beyond recognition.]
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[Matthew feels hollow in a way he always is whenever he's out of reach of a city. The countryside has it's own power, but it's one he doesn't recognise and out here he can't feel his heart beat in time with the traffic or walk in time with the natural rhythms of city life. All things considered, the beach isn't high up on his list of places to visit.

But it is theirs. They're curious about everything and want to experience things first hand. It's a risk to be away from their source of power, but they so wanted to know. Precautions were set up of course. A few Aldermen were standing around close enough to see him, but far enough that it wasn't immediately obvious they were here with him and if it came down to it, the angels could burn what his sorcery couldn't.

It's a cold gloomy day and he almost looks like someone who woke up hungover on the beach if not for the way he's running around in bare feet, enjoying the feeling of sand between his toes.]

If we could we would spend all day here. So why is it so empty here?
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...What poor excuses for men, leaving me to go hunt down that dragon...

[As much as Kai tries to convince other people (and apparently herself?!) that she's not cut out for this whole 'JRPG Questing' business, the sword-whip she's holding does look mighty sharp. Not to mention threatening, now that she's trotting towards you with it in hand.

Kai's choice of clothing and done-up hair certainly makes her look like she doesn't suit a job that basically entails 'hunt down and stab a bitch dragon'... except for her face. She doesn't have the happiest expression right now, and is almost glaring... quite a fitting face for a warrior.

Or a growling bear. Either could work.]

Oi. [oh god she's talking to you] You look like you're free! Interested in chasing down a dragon?

It's been too long since something interesting happened, after all.
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[She'd outpaced her contingent when she'd run after the red-and-yellow monsters who'd been terrorizing this part of town. Not only had the monsters been attacking people, but they'd been stealing people's juice. How monstrous.]

[She's surrounded now, though.]

I won't be defeated easily....
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The party is bustling, the rich brushing shoulders with the rich or possibly the not quite as rich. Class is everything to the people in the room. It was something to hold close to your heart. A station in life. Part of your identity. Even if you don't want to admit it. The woman wear expensive gloves and the men dressed in finest tuxes they could afford. Suits expensive enough to feed a family of ten to a few beggars on the streets. The fires are low and the wine glasses are full. The room is simply busy with life. Conversation flows and pluses like a living creature, the house wives trade stories about sordid love affairs and gossip about each other even as they charm and smile at the subject of the gossip across the room.

Dorian is outside that noise. Something present yet removed from the party and the people around him. A few people glance his way but he ignores them for once. The young looking man hovering on the spot as the noise washes of them. Of the life passing him by.

His eyes locked to the person in the center of the room. Dorian couldn't pull his eyes away even if he wanted too. There was something about them. Something in the air around them. Those dark eyes drop down to move from the persons ankles all the way up to meet the others eyes.

He's captivated. For the moment.
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It had been a pretty perfect plan in Ladd Russo's mind. Hijack the trans-continental train, The Flying Pussyfoot and threaten to crash it straight into the middle of manhatten unless his demands were met. Of course, obviously some people would have to die in the process as a means to the end. He was perfectly okay with that. Maybe he'd even follow through with the threat and crash the whole train, that'd make for an interesting killing spree, right?

But of course someone had to step in and ruin the fun. Those black suits... and the other little group galavanting around the train, they'd get what's coming to them soon enough of course.

So, Ladd Russo walked though the train, alone and unafraid. The others had gone to look after Lua for him. Truthfully, he was looking for danger, literally anyone that looked like they would try and fight him. The bloodlust right now was insatiable, and he could feel his hand tightening around his shotgun at the thought of putting some unsuspecting person down while they least expected it.

"C'mon, throw something at me..." He muttered under his breath, one of his usual, slasher grins painted on his face. "What I need right now is some excitement!"
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[This forest is lovely, dark and deep, with pale blossoms and little floating lights peeking from dark shadows, a mist filling the air, and a general sense of mystery and magic pervading the entire place.

And if there's one thing the duskwight, cave-raised Drividot hates, it's magical forests.]

Damnable trees... [he mutters, struggling to bend aside shrubbery without getting slapped in the face with a bent branch.] I suppose that I can't just take an axe to them, otherwise I'll have sylphs or elementals or wailers or gods-know-what after my arse...

[And he freezes when he hears a branch snap that he had nothing to do with. Now what?]
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She didn't know her feet took her here: there were so many people that could easily pick her out. If she's not careful. She stared up at the information board for what feels like the millionth time.

Jane Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes

Childhood friends with Captain America. You just met. You will kill.

That was her face staring back. She was laughing with someone, familiar.

But I knew--

You know nothing!

She flinched and hunched in on herself.
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Well, wasn't this a dead forest. The undergrowth crackled under her feet as if something had been through here, leeching the life out of the ground. Didn't even have the courtesy to leave her an easy trail to follow, leaving such a huge radius withered like this. Cautious of anything that might spring out at her, Jabi took a step to the right, then another.

If she had to continue like this the entire way, she'd never get anywhere. She looked at the tree next to her, gauging its sturdiness, and then jumped into it. She continued up until she could get a good view around for at least a hundred meters. "Looks like it was in a hurry, to come this far in only a few hours."

It hadn't gone yet, but the question, and her task: where was it?


[She's found a lantern in this empty wooden shack, and has tied it to the rafters, where it sways, creating shadows that loom. Heedless, she goes around the small boxy building, sticking red paper charms onto the walls.]

We'll be okay here for the night.


[Something else?]